Organic - UTZ(Rainforest) - Conventional Turkish Hazelnut / ARSLANTURK S.A.

Turkish Grain Board (TMO) announced their purchase prices of inshell hazelnuts on the basis of 50% yield for crop 2023/2024 as follows:

Levant Quality at TL 82.5/kg
Giresun Quality at TL 84/kg
Sivri Quality at TL 80/kg

When they purchase high-yield hazelnuts, an additional TL 1,65 yield difference will be paid for purchases to the farmers.

In addition to this, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry will pay a support payment (area-based, diesel and fertilizer) of TL 2.70 per kilogram to the producers.

Farmers will be able to make an appointment from TMO workplaces and on the TMO website as of 21th of August, due to the appointment system. Although the product development is late this season, it seems that the farmers start harvesting earlier than declared, which will cause a loss of yield.