In hazelnut sector, our understanding is to develop and progress continuously with employees who are environmentally sensitive and conscious, to make production according to Food Regulations and laws and proper to human health and hygienic conditions using continuously developing technology and information in a way that will improve the quality of our products which we supply to the market and in a way that will improve the trust and pleasure of our clients.


To ensure customer satisfaction by providing clients’ demands in time and always in a proper way.

To develop our institutes by giving priority to developing our processes in our factory.

To increase the gained earnings by reducing poor quality costs.

To always keep the innovations.

To make our employees reach the appropriate level of education and awareness of our sector.

To do our best in our activities not to face any incidents that may harm the customers’ health because of our products.

To provide the appropriate conditions proper to the laws in terms of Food Security.

To make the Quality and Food Security Management Systems understood, applied and maintained in the institute.

To obey environmental regulations and laws, to be sensitive to environmental problems.


We have physical-chemical, microbiology and aflatoxin laboratories in our facilities. In the laboratories, exclusive persons who quality manger, chemistries and laborants are working. According to customer specifications, ARS specifications and TSE standards, all of our necessarily physical-chemical and microbiological analyses are carried out in our laboratory during the input and the final product.