Organic - UTZ(Rainforest) - Conventional Turkish Hazelnut / ARSLANTURK S.A.

As of 31.05.2021, we exported 231.595 tons of hazelnut. In the 2019/2020 season, the same time export was 293.573 tons, in 2018/2019 season same time export was 232.585 tons, as can be seen in the graphic. In 17.08.2020, crop 2020 prices for 11-13mm natural hazelnut kernels started at the level of 6.630 USD/tons (5.600 Euro/tons). Today, 11-13mm natural hazelnut kernel prices for DDU Europe delivery is 6.030 USD/Tons (4.950 Euro/tons) levels.

New crop 2021 expectation is around 800.000tons, according to cluster (çotanak) countings. This estimate was announced as 790.000tons at the INC Congress. It is anticipated that TMO will announce its price in the 3rd or 4th week of July as a minimum TL 25/kg and a maximum of TL 26/kg. In this context, the free market is expected to start at TL 24-25/kg. According to the 8.60 USD/TL rate, the equivalent is USD 6.350/6.600/t, and EURO 5.200/5.400/t, in 50 kg jute bags, as DDU Europe.