Organic - UTZ(Rainforest) - Conventional Turkish Hazelnut / ARSLANTURK S.A.

As of 30.11.2022, we exported 95.878 tons of hazelnut. In the 2021/2022 season, the same time export was 114.207 tons, in the 2020/2021 season same time export was 80.939 tons, as can be seen in the graphic.

On 12.08.2022, crop 2022 prices for 11-13mm natural hazelnut kernels started at the level of 5,970 USD/tons (5.850 Euro/tons). Today, 11-13mm natural hazelnut kernel prices for DDU Europe delivery are 6.150 USD/Tons (5.840 Euro/tons) levels.

TMO purchased more than 180.000tons of hazelnuts so far (including crop 2021) and their purchases
will continue till the end of December. In the season that started on August 22, we foresee that 85%
of hazelnuts from the farmers have been on the market as of today.