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Turkish Grain Board (TMO) announced that they will put on sale following amounts of in-shell hazelnuts from crop 2022/2023 in their stocks;

20.000 tons crop 2021 Levant quality inshell hazelnuts TL 58/kg,
5.000 tons crop 2022 Levant quality inshell hazelnuts TL 61/kg,
3.000 tons crop 2022 Giresun quality inshell hazelnuts TL 61/kg,

Hazelnuts will put up for sale on the basis of 50% yield, VAT excluded, as cash payment, between 1-7 February.

Companies will make a written application to the Regional Directorates, where they want to buy products, until the end of the working hours on 07.02.2023, together with the receipt showing that they have deposited 10% of the price corresponding to the amount of product they demanded to their TMO accounts.

We will keep you informed about the news.