Organic - UTZ(Rainforest) - Conventional Turkish Hazelnut / ARSLANTURK S.A.

TMO had declared inshell purchasing price before harvesting Levant quality at TL 22,0/kg and Giresun quality at TL 22,5/kg nearly a month ago.

Finally, Ferrero has declared inshell hazelnut purchasing price today.
Levant Quality inshell 50% yield TL 21,25/kg
Giresun quality inshell 50% yield TL 21,50/kg

Premium TL 0,25/kg for extra quality (rotten percentage less than 1,5%) for Levant quality.

As far as you can see Ferrero and TMO purchasing price very close to each other. As we were expecting this price level before we did not increase or decrease the daily price list except TL/USD currency differences. New crop harvesting has started the beginning of August, some of lower attitude producer has finished harvesting but some of them still drying inshell hazelnut. Medium and higher attitude producer still picking up husk hazelnut. New crop quality so far so good but it is still early to talk about the exact quality standard. It is better to talk about quality one week later because drying period very important. We need more sunny days. If everything goes well we will receive very good and quality crop this year.

We will keep you inform.