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Turkish Grain Board (TMO) announced that they will sell 20.000 tons of inshell hazelnuts from their stocks that crop 2021 (17.000 kgs Levant quality and 3.000 kgs Giresun quality). The price for Giresun and Levant quality inshell hazelnuts has been determined as TL 39/kg. Companies can be applied to the relevant regional directorates of TMO till the end of 21.02, with a receipt showing that they have paid 10% of the price of the corresponding amount of the product they demand. Deliveries will be planned to begin to the relevant companies on 23.02.

The prices announced by TMO were realized in the same line with our market forecasts. Since TMO is acting on a foreign currency basis, they offered the first lot of products at the level of $ 3/kg, as expected. If needed, they will continue selling for the coming months. And the price is expected to increase as TL 1/kg each time they offer. We do not expect that they will make sales for February – March; however, we see a high possibility of selling from their stocks as of April. It seems that the purchase prices of crop 2022 for inshell hazelnuts will start at TL 40/kg and above.

Currently, USD/TL parity cannot be predicted very clearly. We expect that our current market prices will continue in this way.

We will keep you informed.