Organic - UTZ(Rainforest) - Conventional Turkish Hazelnut / ARSLANTURK S.A.

As of 22.03.2020, we exported 243.517 tons of hazelnut, in 2018/2019 season same time export was 184.217 tons, in 2017/2018 season same time export was 185.868 tons, as it can be seen in the graphic. 15th of August 2019, prices natural hazelnut 11-13mm started at the level of 6.490 USD/tons (5.850 Euro/tons), Today 11-13mm Natural hazelnut kernels prices DDU Europa delivery 6.960 USD/Tons (6.440 Euro/tons) levels.

There were frost events for 5 days on 16-17-18-19-20th March, and experts state that this frost had no negative effects on hazelnuts. TARSIM (agricultural insurance company) authorities use the same expression.

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